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2.9 Years – 4 Years

In our full-day preschool program, we introduce language, math, science and social skills, as well as physical activities such as yoga and gymnastics into our daily routine. During circle time, your child will be exposed to daily songs, the calendar, the days of the week, and a weather chart. Additionally, we review the color, shape and letter of the month.

Throughout circle time, the children practice whole body listening. We also work on independent skills such as putting on and off our own shoes and coats, hand washing, 1-3 step directions, and taking ownership of tasks and belongings. We believe it is important for your child to learn and grow in a positive, hands-on setting.

Outside Activities (all ages)

Our playground and open space allow for energy expenditure as well as gross motor play and cooperative activities. Our play spaces are enclosed and utilized exclusively by Little Steps. Children are fully supervised with appropriate student-teacher ratios.

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